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The quick connect/disconnect system became an industry standard over the last 40 years for attaching photographic cameras, video cameras and a variety of peripheral equipment. The knob locked clamp is a basic block component of the system. It is very light “Micro-Vise” with a “V” shaped jaws (also called dovetail jaws) that can close on matching “V” plate with tenacious force. In most cases the clamp is assembled on top of the: Rotary Tripod Heads, Monopod Heads, Panoramic Heads or Macro-Heads. It can be used also for mounting external lights, flashes, or attach heavy Tele-Photo lenses equipped with a Lens Foot that utilizes matching “V” groves. The applications are endless. You can build your own system to work best with your needs. Clamps are precisely machined to tight tolerances. All parts are made from aluminum alloy, making them light weight yet strong. All surfaces are black anodized for years of trouble free performance.