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Adapters for Sigma MC-21
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Foot Replacement for Sigma MC-21 Z Foot for Sigma MC-21 with 4 inch Base Sigma MC-21  Foot With L bracket
Foot Replacement Sigma MC-21 with arca type connection build in. Remove original Sigma foot and replace with Hejnar Photo foot replacement using original screws. 4 inch base with Z shape Foot for Sigma MC-21  adapter. Vertical component attache directly to a Hejnar Photo Arca foot. This assemble lets you use camera and  adapter with  lenses in similar manner to telephoto lenses equipped with foot collar. It also shifts distance from camera and allows better equipment balance. For even  better balance vertical part can be located in different position along a base. Hejnar Photo Arca foot for Sigma MC -21 is required to be mount on Sigma Adapter. Foot for Sigma MC-21 with L bracket. Lets you use camera and Sigma adapter with tilt shift lenses and telephoto lenses.